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Want Instant
Satisfaction, Baby

"I smoke a lot. I drink far too much. I don't excercise. I torture small animals."
- Ewan, on his own sex appeal

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Bring back the memories,
This one's giving up on you.
I don’t miss giving up on you,
And there's no more time.
Forgive me one more time.

‘Cause I don't want you
Just bury me I am
Whispered warning
Just bury me I am

And not a day has passed,
That I’m regretting.
The window’s closed,
And she's not letting me in.

One place, one place slipped away and
Missed call, missed calls
I can't stay too late
She’s gone
I will miss her voice, her eyes,
and love's first kiss.

I can't remind you all the time
Bring it back, bring it back
To where we were before
I can't remind you all the time
No, no
Bring it back, bring it back

One place, one place slipped away
Missed call, missed calls
I can't stay too late
She’s gone
I will miss her voice, her eyes,
and love's first kiss.

The day is gone
The sky is blue
I know you're all alone
And the sky is blue
Come back to me
The sky is blue
The sky is blue

"The Cigarette Song"
The All-American Rejects
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[28 Jul 2005|04:57pm]
I saw Garbage and Hot Hot Heat last night. I know you're jealous. Monica was originally going to go with another friend, but she got sick. So I went with her instead.

Even though I'm not that much of a Garbage fan, I love Hot Hot Heat. :D

And I have pictures! They let me bring in my camera.

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[27 Jul 2005|12:23am]
[ mood | Rocked out ]



I can't even describe it. Except. HOLY SHIT.

We had kickass seats for $20. We didn't have chairs to sit in, but fuck that. We had more room and it was crazy.

There were three opening bands, who all fucking kicked ass. First was Silvertide, who I've never heard of. They were pretty good, sounded like Matchbox 20 a bit. Then The Exies, who pretty much own your life. They played "Ugly", which is my favorite song ever. And then came Sum 41, who I must admit, was very good. I don't really like them, but they were cool. They got everyone riled up and shit.

And then came Motley Crue. Who was introduced by this.. midget clown. Which both freaked me out and got me crazy and stuff.

I'm not going to get into detail about every song.

Just that it was awesome.

Katherine and I got moshed into by a bunch of sweaty, shirtless hot guys. Drunk they may be, but they were hot. This one in particular ran into us, like. Four times. Then he came up between us and asked us where we lived and what school we went to.

Rofl. Personally I was just hoping he'd grab me and start making out with me.


Unfortunately, he didn't. He just walked away. Which made me sad. But then Anarchy in the "USA" came on for their final enchore and they rocked, of course.

Love that song.

An overall awesomely awesome times cool to the maxxxx night. Katherine and I are going to do it again more often.

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I'm so mean and horrible. [24 Jul 2005|12:53pm]
Warning: Religious people, DO NOT READ. Atheist-comments ahead!

My Poison Xx: But *Sally deserves it. Cause she's a .. the s-word that doesn't mean poop.
I would kill my boyfriend if he made me read a daily passage of the Bible. Seeing how I'm athiest. I'd tell him to take his Jesus Christ bullshit and use it as an ass-probe.
coLAURful: and today *Tom is coming over to Sally's house. ._>
My Poison Xx: Well, I hope Sally gets a STD or Tom forgets to wear a condom. Its the only way to get through to those types of people.
coLAURful: lmao
coLAURful: <3
coLAURful: well i hope Sally & Tom get bashed in the head to wake up and say, "oh hey. im too young for this shit"
My Poison Xx: Or they wake up and Sally says, "Ow, my vagina itches. HOLY SHIT, I HAVE CRABS!"
And Tom says, "OMG, SYPHILLIS. -dies of seizure-"

Not only do I want these two pre-teenagers to die of STDs, but I would also like one of them to use the bible as a dildo.


* Name have been changed because. Uh. I don't know. TEEHEE. SALLY.

P.S. You wouldn't know them even if their real names were there.
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